Oscar post in response to fat Net friend: group is good

  Some time ago Oscar to participate in a variety show, the audience found him become fat, then, O

scar hard exercise to lose weight, back to before the handsome appearance.

  Behold, on the evening of January 29 small New Year party, Oscar appeared in a red

suit, but he looks very bloated shape, sparked by netizens.A little later, Osc

ar through weibo response to fat, said: “thank you, my fat affects everyone’s hearts.”

  Netizens have watched and leave your message after see this weibo, said: “gr

oup is good to lose weight.””Elder brother in the New Year is also hand

some, oh!””Ha, ha, ha, the elder brother of the maple, come on, I hope the next hot search is your love.”


  Oscar to send makeup remover Why mention a thing his eyes is full of sadness?

  Oscar has always been to the audience the impression is a humorous big boy, in t

he “my house that boy” show exhibition cooking, is to let person affection for him.However, such a nic


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